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About us

Giuseppe P. Cuccia

Giuseppe P. Cuccia - - Cuccia & Simino -

Was an I.P. consultant at Barzanò & Zanardo for almost 27 years, heading the trademark and legal sector of the Milanese headquarters and director of the branch in Vicenza.

Established Studio G.P. Cuccia in March 2008, focusing on the trademark and design sector (also acting as Attorney at the European Office) as well as providing technical and legal assistance in reference to Intellectual Property matters.

Massimo Simino

Massimo Simino - - Cuccia & Simino -

Started as consultant in Intellectual Property with Jacobacci  in 1994 then, as partner, established Perani & Mezzanotte where operated until October 2009: European Patent Attorney, often he is acting as Consultant to the Judge for several Italian Courts, especially for the one of Milano, and brings his own experience as for Patent and Design fields in the activity of the firm.